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What material is an inflatable EXIT spa made of?

The inflatable EXIT spas have extra-strong walls of three-layer PVC and a foam base that provides excellent seating comfort.


How much power does my EXIT spa consume?

On average, an EXIT Toys spa consumes 8 kWh per day, at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees. However, this depends on several factors such as the amount of water in the spa, whether the bath is in the sun or not and whether you cover the spa when it’s not in use.

Which surface do you recommend for my EXIT spa?

We advise you to place the EXIT spa on a flat surface. This will prevent damage from bumps or sharp stones and ensure that you enjoy it for a long time!


Can the EXIT spas also be used with salt water?

No, the filter pumps of our EXIT spas are not suitable for salt water.

What is the maximum water temperature of an EXIT spa?

The maximum temperature of an EXIT spa is 42 degrees.


Will the water in my EXIT spa stay at the right temperature if I don't cover it?

Even if you do not cover the spa it will remain at a sufficient temperature. Depending on the ambient temperature, an uncovered spa will lose more heat, making the heating element work harder.

Which minimum outdoor temperature do you recommend for the use of my EXIT spa?

We recommend using your EXIT spa at an outside temperature of at least 5 degrees. At lower temperatures, the PVC gets harder and the risk of damage increases.

Should I always leave my spa's heater on?

This depends on how often the spa is used. Do you want to enjoy a warm spa every day? Then we recommend leaving the heat element on. Are you not using the spa for several days in a row? Then it’s better to turn off the heat element

How fast does my spa heat up?

This depends on many factors such as the starting temperature, ambient temperature, size and material of the spa and the way of covering it. At an outside temperature of 20 degrees you can assume that the spa heats up 1 to 2 degrees per hour. A spa of polyethylene will heat up slightly faster: 1.5 to 2.5 degrees per hour. This means that the spa usually reaches the desired temperature after a day.

How do I keep my EXIT spa clean?

To keep your EXIT spa clean, a filter pump is a real must-have. It filters dirt particles from the water and keeps the water moving. This prevents the growth of algae in the water. To prevent algae and bacteria, it’s also important that the chlorine level of your spa water is correct. A proper pH level will ensure that the chlorine is as effective as possible. The walls and bottom of your spa can be cleaned with the EXIT spa cleaning kit. Would you like to learn more about the maintenance of your EXIT spa? Read our blog.

Which spa maintenance products do you recommend?

To prevent algae and bacteria, it’s important that the chlorine value of your spa water is at the right level. Use chlorine tablets. With EXIT test strips you test the pH value of the water. A correct pH value ensures that the chlorine works as effectively as possible. The EXIT spa cleaning kit allows you to easily clean the walls and bottom of your spa.

I’ve changed the cartridge filter on my spa filter pump, but it keeps giving an error. What can I do?

When your spa's filter system displays the message "CHG" followed by "FIL", it's time to clean or replace the filter. Have you done this? Then press and hold the filter button for 5 seconds to turn off the sound. The filter system will switch off and subsequently you can press the button to switch the system on again. The above messages are given by default after 150 hours, whether you have already replaced the filter or not.

When I run a test on my EXIT spa, I hear a loud ticking sound. Is this normal?

Yes, what you’re hearing is the relay (an electrical component used to switch currents). This physically cuts off power to your spa and provides safety.

What material is an EXIT Leather Premium spa made of?

The interior and exterior of an EXIT Leather Premium spa is made of PVC. The foam walls are made of polyethylene and are therefore insulating and energy-saving. The foam bottom also provides excellent seating comfort.


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